UVA Students Having a Ball Saving the Rotunda

January 12, 2011
The Rotunda

Proactive students at Mr. Jefferson’s University are having a ball to save its iconic architectural landmark, the Rotunda.

Exec VP needed by Mr. Jefferson’s University – GED, possibly more required

January 7, 2011

For those who are looking for Executive Vice President openings and find them to be few and far betwen in the current job market…you may be in luck.

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TJ Snodgrass Exhibit at Mr. J’s U.

February 10, 2010

Mr. Jefferson’s University celebrates the centennial of the death of the author formerly known as Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass.

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The Jeffersonia Blog: UVA Weekend Edition

April 4, 2009

This weekend we check in with what’s happening!! at Mr. Jefferson’s University. [Warning: 1970s pop culture reference alert!] Hey, hey, hey!

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Mr. Jefferson’s U. is #1: Weekend Edition

February 28, 2009

The McIntire School of Commerce of the University of Virginia was ranked the best undergraduate business program by BusinessWeek magazine. Kudos to Mr. Jefferson’s University.

Source: Daily Cavalier

Students at Mr. Jefferson’s U. Show Their Quality*

February 27, 2009

Honor SystemThe student body of the University of Virginia voted overwhelmingly against a referendum to radically change the school’s honor code. The change was shot down by a margin of two-to-one.

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The Jefferson Project

February 25, 2009

The Jefferson ProjectThe Jefferson Project (probably much less mysterious than the Dharma Initiative and probably much less sinister than the Millenium Group) is dedicated (according to their FAQ) to electronic manufacturing excellence through concurrent education.

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