Virginia’s 71st Governor Sworn In

Bob McDonald, Virginia's 71st Governor

Bob McDonell, Virginia's 71st Governor

Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell was sworn in as the 71st Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia on Saturday.

A former Attorney General and Lieutenent Colonel in the United States Army, Governor McDonnell replaced former Governor Tim Kaine after soundly thrashing Democratic opponent Craig Deeds in November.

In his inaugural speech, Gov. McDonnell gave props to TJ (of course!), as well as Patrick Henry, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Douglas Wilder (the nation’s first elected African-American Governor). Nothing like setting expectatons high, Governor!

Former Governors of the Commonwealth include Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr. (Jefferson’s son-in-law), and Jefferson protege James Monroe (our 5th President served two separate terms as governor).

Governatorial Fun Facts!

  • Patrick Henry served as first Virginia Governor in 1776
  • Thomas Jefferson was Gov. #2 in 1779
  • Both James Monroe and Patrick Henry served two, non-consecutive terms as Governor
  • Previous Governor Tim Kaine was inaugurated in Williamsburg – the first Governor since Jefferson to be inaugurated there
  • There are currently 8 living former Virginia Governors
  • Governors in the Commonwealth are referred to as Excellency – in other states they are known as (perhaps the less commonly achieved) The Honorable
  • As of 2009, Virginia is the only state that does not allow its Governors to serve consecutive terms
  • Governor McDonnell will rake in $175k a year in his new job
  • The Jeffersonia Blog wishes Governor McDonnell a fruitful four years!

    To read the full inaugural speech, click here (scroll down to find it).

    For a list of all Virginia Governors, click here.

    For photos of the inauguration (via Flickr), click here.

    To purchase a memento of the event, click here.

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    1. […] Virginia’s 71st Governor is a former attorney and Army reservist. He has two sons who attend UVA (it is unclear at this time how his speech will affect their grades, if at all). […]

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