This blog is simply an outlet for my passion for all things TJ. I am not an academic or an author and currently I have nothing to sell anyone. There is a lot to explore and digest and experience when tracking the legacy of Thomas Jefferson. Insights of any depth do not come overnight, so I pepper this blog with things vaguely TJ-related because I find them amusing and it fills in the gaps while I undertake more serious study.

I find it amazing to be able to read the words he wrote, to see the buildings he designed, to visit the places he lived and worked and played and the monuments that give reverence to his legacy and to witness the freedoms he helped put forth realized.

This is a journey of discovery about a Founding Father, a family man, a forward thinking architect – of our countries independence, religious freedom, and the absolutely baddest house (bad as in best, not as in worst) a President has ever lived in.

Look for new posts as often as every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the occasional Weekend Edition.

I love to hear from others so leave a comment or send me an email at

milleniumistic @ hotmail . com (remove spaces)

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  1. paulrohricht says:

    I enjoyed your site, and appreciate all of what you have put together here. Amazing scope. I am of the opinion that we need to study people like Jefferson, and my goal is for our country to re-adopt their principles.



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