TJ Apple of the Month Pt IV:TJ’s Mystery Apple

April 30, 2009
Will the real Taliafero please stand up?

Will the real Taliaferro please stand up?

In 1798, Thomas Jefferson grafted nearly one hundred apples that replaced the Virginia Crab as his favorite cider apple and which, he claimed, was the closest thing to wine that was not wine that he had ever tasted.

What was this mystery apple?

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Places Named Jefferson: Collegiate Edition

April 30, 2009

tjulogoYou probably knew Thomas Jefferson had founded a University (that being the University of Virginia), but did you know that one was named after him? Read the rest of this entry »

EAP Honored in Square Naming

April 30, 2009
EAP's Room at UVA

EAP's Room at UVA

One of Mr. Jefferson‘s University’s most famous alumni is being honored by his home of Boston, Mass. with a square named in his honor. During his lifetime, Edgar Allen Poe‘s dislike for his hometown was such that he often lied about where he was from. Boston, for its part seems to be trying to strengthen the link, going so far as to naming the month of January E.A.P. month.

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John Adams Miniseries

April 28, 2009


I’ve been watching the much acclaimed HBO miniseries on John Adams starring Paul Giamatti on Netflix and it so far is totally deserving of the hype.

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Happy Birthday, James Monroe

April 28, 2009 28th is James Monroe‘s birthday.

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We’re back!

April 15, 2009

Thomas JeffersonAfter an unexpected sabbatical, we are back. The posts should start appearing by this evening. We’ll look at TJ’s 4th favorite apple, celebrate John Adams James Monroe’s birthday (tomorrow), look at another something named Jefferson, and cap it off with TJ and Trees (what is up with the Tulip Poplar anyway?!?). And we’re going to try to squeeze them all in by Thursday (whew! good thing I had a week and a half off!)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jefferson!

April 13, 2009

Today is Thomas Jefferson’s 266th birthday!

Photo by kyz

TJ Trailer – new film only two days away

April 13, 2009

The film Thomas Jefferson’s World begins on April 15th, just two days away. Here is a preview:

TJB Weekend Edition: New TJ Visitor Center Preview

April 11, 2009

The official opening of the new Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center at Monticello is coming up this week on April 15th. Read the rest of this entry »

The Jeffersonia Blog Translated

April 10, 2009

I was surprised to find someone had translated this blog into another language via Google Translate. I started to play around with some of my favorite blog posts.

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