America’s Original Party of Five Pt. I

We all know who shouldered the bulk of writing the Declaration of Independence (click here for a hint), but can you name the other 4 members who made up the original 13 States’ Party of Five?

In 1776, a Committee of Five was drafted to, well, draft the Declaration of Independence. [This is not to be confused with the other Council of Five, the Council of Five Elders, or even the Council of Elrond (totally off topic, but click here for a hilarious sendup of the Council of Elrond called DM of the Rings)…].

Dr. Franklin, the revered elder statesmen of the Continental Congress, was, of course, Charlie. Mr. Adams would have been the troubled Bailey, of our mixed metaphor; leaving our beloved Mr. Jefferson, both sensitive and somewhat of a prodigy, as the Julia/Claudia hybrid (he might’ve made a fine Charlie, as well).

That leaves Misters Sherman and Livingston as the Owen Salinger (if not the red-headed step-children, then certainly the historically near-forgotten members) of the group.

Just for fun: Click here to see what the TV Party of Five cast members are up to.

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