Monticello Paper Model company called PaperModels Inc. is selling a paper model of Monticello. They offer 2 sizes: 7×10 and 13×16. You can save a few bucks on the smaller model by downloading it direct to your printer.

They also have a Jefferson Memorial in the same sizes, though it doesn’t look like it includes the statue of TJ inside (though I could be wrong).

There are lots of other historic buildings such as Mount Vernon, the Lincoln Memorial, Independence Hall, Jamestown, and even a Dome of the Rock.

If I can find a place to display it, I am totally going to get one. If I do I will post a pic so you can get a better view of it.

Click here to see the PaperModels website.

5 Responses to Monticello Paper Model

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  2. Lon Safko says:

    Thank you for your blog! We’ve worked hard for more than 10 years developing over 100 models to help school kids. We really appreciate your recognition! Thank you!

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  5. Aaron says:

    As a huge fan of Jefferson, your site is one I visit frequently. I am also a paper model builder and recently came across another model of Jefferson’s masterpiece of architecture at This model lacks the side wings of the one from PaperModels, but the designer created it using the US government’s drawings, so it looks like a museum-quality replica of Jefferson’s home. It might be a little higher skill level, but some visitors to your site definitely might want to build one.

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