Free History Downloads on iTunes

January 10, 2011

Hurry over to iTunes for 3 free downloads from 3 of this Channel’s top shows. [Hint: it has “channel” and “history” in it]…

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Founding Fathers on Money Part IV: Silver Nickel Edition

March 16, 2009

architects_of_freedomEver since Alexander the Great got his mug photo engraving put on Greek coins, having famous (usually dead) people on money has been in vogue.

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Founding Fathers on Money Pt. III: Two-dollar bill ya’ll

March 13, 2009

Two-dollar bill pre-1976Thomas Jefferson is known for his notes (on the State of Virginia), his declaration (of Independence), and his statutes (on religious freedom), but the Architect from Albemarle is lesser known for his bills (of the two-dollar variety).

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Mr. Madison’s Money

March 11, 2009

5000dollarbillWhile Thomas Jefferson earned only a measly (though still-circulated) $2 bill, James Madison scored the third highest denomination in U.S. money history (not counting this novelty bill) when his likeness was placed on the $5000 bill.

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Founding Fathers on Money: Cash Money Edition

March 9, 2009 Greeks had Achilles, Hector, Odysseus, Plato, and Sow-crates (for obscure movie reference see here). The Romans had Romulus and Remus, Aeneas, Cicero, and the Caesars.

For Americans, we look to Washington, Franklin, Madison, Adams, and most importantly to this blog, Thomas Jefferson.

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Preamble to the Constitution

March 6, 2009

I recently blogged about an “update” of the preamble to the Constitution that was sent to me which I found provocative and interesting, but don’t agree with 100%. Seeing the number of visits it was receiving, however, I wanted to steer people toward the original which I wholeheartedly support and can get behind 100%. And it is the one that counts, after all.

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Meet the Grandkids

March 4, 2009

anneThomas Jefferson had a total of twelve grandchildren to survive to adulthood. Eleven of the twelve were born to Jefferson’s eldest daughter, Martha, and Thomas Mann Randolph Jr. who served as Governor of Virginia from 1819 to 1822. Martha’s younger sister, Maria, gave birth to her only surving child, Francis Eppes, in 1801.

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