America’s First Ice Cream Pt. 2

September 16, 2008

I recently blogged about Jefferson’s original vanilla ice cream recipe (although George Washington mentioned an ice cream maker earlier, the first American recipe was written in Jefferson’s hand). I found a modern interpretation of that recipe by the good folks over at Go here to check it out.

America’s First Ice Cream

September 9, 2008

Jefferson was the first American to adopt many skills, trades, and culture over from Europe, including art, books, Italian architecture, furniture, and cuisine. Many of these were passed down and became uniquley American as well. Ice cream was one of these.

Yes, vanilla ice cream can probably be considered America’sfirst. The folks over at made a go at deciphering TJ’s recipe (and handwriting). For the results of their experiment go here.

TJ's Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

TJ's Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe