Commonwealth of Jeffersonia

September 30, 2008

Here’s a pop quiz for you

Jeffersonia is

  • a) a kick ass blog about Thomas Jefferson
  • b) a small, perrenial plant named after our 3rd President
  • c) a website and virtual community based loosely on the principles of Thomas Jefferson Read the rest of this entry »

  • TJ Photo of the Week

    September 25, 2008
    Lavender on the South Lawn

    (c)Jeffersonia Weblog

    Lavender under Monticello.
    View from the West Lawn Garden, near the South Pavillion.

    Channelling TJ

    September 24, 2008

    There is a great site featuring scholar Clay Jenkinson as TJ on the Thomas Jefferson Hour free podcast. He answers reader questions and talks about current events.

    Mr. Jenkinson also portrays and Meriwether Lewis and debates Alexander Hamilton.

    To ask TJ a question (to be answered on the show) go here.

    Photo source: here.

    *UPDATE* Thanks to Steve for his post in the comments section correcting me that Mr. Jenkinson (as Jefferson) debates Alexander Hamilton on occasion, but does not portray him, as I first reported. He also recommends listening to some live performances on iTunes to get a feel for what Mr. Jenkinson has to offer. Thanks, Steve!

    TJ By a Nose: Jefferson is 3rd Fastest President (this year)

    September 23, 2008

    The Washington Nationals run a Presidents Race at every home game featuring life-size bobbleheads of four former U.S. Presidents racing one another including Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson himself!

    From the Nationals website:

    Tom Jefferson is more bookish than athletic. He is a reader, a studier. He is prone to distraction, once stopping mid-race to orate to the crowd. Before each race, Tom tests the atmospheric conditions in the stadium, the incline of the route and the length of the course…and sometimes ferments up a bottle of wine. He was often the last one picked on the colonial playground (but was always the first picked for the math team). Still, with dashing good looks, a keen mind and perhaps a bit of bravado, Tom often sprints his way to the front of the race.

    Jefferson is 2nd all-time in the Presidents Race (though he is 3rd in the 2008 season). Teddy R., however, is winless in over 3 seasons. Guess he just can’t compete with Mr. Lincoln and the Founding Fathers.

    Go here to read a blog about the race and Teddy R’s winless streak.

    Apparently it has become quite a hit with the fans.

    John Adams Wins an Emmy

    September 22, 2008
    John Adams scores an emmy.

    John Adams scores an emmy.

    The HBO miniseries John Adams won an Emmy Award for best miniseries last night. Character actor Paul Giamatti also won for his role as Thomas Jefferson’s fellow Founding Father, friend and sometime foil.

    Madison Overtakes Jefferson…

    September 18, 2008

    …in High School Football, that is.  Madison County, perhaps spurred on by Constitution Day, shot up to #42 in Top 100 weekly rankings. Thomas Jefferson slips to #51 and Independence is #91.

    Trinity (of Texas) sits atop the rankings, while Trinity (of Louisville, KY) is 71st. That leaves on Trinity short on the list. 

    Source: Go here.

    America’s First Ice Cream Pt. 2

    September 16, 2008

    I recently blogged about Jefferson’s original vanilla ice cream recipe (although George Washington mentioned an ice cream maker earlier, the first American recipe was written in Jefferson’s hand). I found a modern interpretation of that recipe by the good folks over at Go here to check it out.