Monticello Stuff on Sale

February 14, 2011

Monticello is hosting a veritable fire sale of cool stuff. Carry forth to see some of what they are offering…

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Monticello Calender and Seeds

January 26, 2011

For those who like the Maestro of Monticello’s home residence and one or more of the following : A) not paying full price; B) Hanging pictures of historical homes on your wall; C) growing things; D) growing things that TJ himself did – read on!

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TJ’s Garden: Native Columbine

June 28, 2010

Mr. Jefferson’s observant son-in-law spotted this plant at Monticello in 1791.

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The Mythical Botanic Garden at UVA

May 23, 2009 graduate student in Architectural History at Mr. Jefferson’s University will research the mythicial botanic garden Thomas Jefferson dreamed up for the school.

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Things Named Jefferson: The Plant Edition

February 20, 2009

Jeffersonia diphylla or Twinleaf is an uncommon spring flower named after the “Titan of Tuckahoe” in 1792 by botonist Benjamin Smith Barton, a contemporary of TJ, and fellow member of the American Philosophical Society.

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TJ Apple of the Month: Virginia Crab

December 10, 2008
Common crabapples

Common crabapples

{This is the third post in a series on Thomas Jefferson’s favorite foods. For part I click here. For part II, click here.}

Jefferson was a genius in most everything he did, but he was inherently a practical one. His studies informed his practice of law early in his career; his knowledge of botany came into practice in the gardens of Monticello; his appreciation of architecture (namely Palladio) manifested into Monticello, Poplar Forest, and several other buildings; his love of European art adorned the walls of his home; the French cuisine he feasted upon came back with him and its recipes introduced to a young America; his passion for math meant his calculations for the construction of Monticello was to the 6th or 7th decimal point!

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TJ Apple of the Month: Esopus Spitzenburg

October 17, 2008
Not Spitenburgs

Not Spitzenburgs

Sounding like a prehistoric, miniature horse (that would be Eohippus to the dinosaur-savvy), Esopus Spitzenburg was considered one of TJ’s four favorites. Like the mighty A.P., Esopus Spitzenburg was a dessert fruit. Despite cultivating less than two dozen trees, Monticello’s most famous Pomologist, apparently journalled (read: blogging in pre-Internet times) more about Esopus Spitzenburg than any other kind.

Source: The Twinleaf Journal

Photo courtesy of foodista