Channelling TJ

There is a great site featuring scholar Clay Jenkinson as TJ on the Thomas Jefferson Hour free podcast. He answers reader questions and talks about current events.

Mr. Jenkinson also portrays and Meriwether Lewis and debates Alexander Hamilton.

To ask TJ a question (to be answered on the show) go here.

Photo source: here.

*UPDATE* Thanks to Steve for his post in the comments section correcting me that Mr. Jenkinson (as Jefferson) debates Alexander Hamilton on occasion, but does not portray him, as I first reported. He also recommends listening to some live performances on iTunes to get a feel for what Mr. Jenkinson has to offer. Thanks, Steve!


3 Responses to Channelling TJ

  1. Steve says:

    A slight correction: while Clay Jenkinson does recreate Jefferson, Lewis, Teddy Roosevelt, J. Robert Oppenheimer and others, he most definitely does not portray Hamilton. He has done debates with Hamilton recreators, though.

    On the iTunes menu, there are a couple of live performances that can be downloaded which give a great flavor of what Jenkinson’s appearances are like.

  2. […] Clay Jenkinson is TJ on the Thomas Jefferson Hour. Go here […]

  3. […] Blog reader, helped correct a post we did on TJ-channeler extraordinaire, Mr. Clay Jenkinson. Click here and scroll down to the comments to read what Steve had to […]

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