Commonwealth of Jeffersonia

Here’s a pop quiz for you

Jeffersonia is

  • a) a kick ass blog about Thomas Jefferson
  • b) a small, perrenial plant named after our 3rd President
  • c) a website and virtual community based loosely on the principles of Thomas Jefferson
  • Of course the answer D all of the above.

    I came across this website while contemplating getting a domain name for the Jeffersonia blog. I’ve been tempted by about a dozen too many sites harping on the benefits of monetizing Jeffersonia, which of course cannot be done on the free wordpress host. So with silver nickels in my eyes, I stumbled upon this website.

    It hasn’t been updated since about 2003 or so and it links to the Center for Personal Sovreingty as well as the Better Future Institute, both of which sound to me like something from the TV show LOST (the Dharma Initiative anyone?).


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