Founding Fathers on Money Omnibus

March 30, 2009

Coin Light of LibertyAfter a well deserved earned needed week off, we are back live! (and in person, for what that’s worth). For starters, I’ve updated, corrected or completed several  most all of the Founding Fathers on Money posts which were featured this month so here they all are in one convenient place:

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Founding Fathers and Money Pt VI: In God We Trust

March 20, 2009 it did not become the official U.S. motto until 1956, the phrase In God We Trust owes its appearance on U.S. coins, in part, to Civil War America, when increased religious sentiment called for some type of acknowledgement be added to coins.

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Founding Fathers and Money Pt V: E Pluribus unum

March 18, 2009

us-sealWelcome to part V in a series on Founding Fathers on Money. Today we examine the latin phrase E pluribus unum that has appeared on U.S. coins since 1786.

But what does it mean?

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Founding Fathers on Money Part IV: Silver Nickel Edition

March 16, 2009

architects_of_freedomEver since Alexander the Great got his mug photo engraving put on Greek coins, having famous (usually dead) people on money has been in vogue.

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Jeffersonia Blog Weekend Edition: 3/14-15

March 14, 2009
March 15th Bicentennial

March 15th Bicentennial Celebration

On Sunday, March 15th the current landlords of Monticello are hosting a free gathering honoring Mr. Jefferson’s return to Monticello in 1809 following his gig as two-term President of the United States of America (making this a bicentennial celebration).

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Founding Fathers on Money Pt. III: Two-dollar bill ya’ll

March 13, 2009

Two-dollar bill pre-1976Thomas Jefferson is known for his notes (on the State of Virginia), his declaration (of Independence), and his statutes (on religious freedom), but the Architect from Albemarle is lesser known for his bills (of the two-dollar variety).

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Mr. Madison’s Money

March 11, 2009

5000dollarbillWhile Thomas Jefferson earned only a measly (though still-circulated) $2 bill, James Madison scored the third highest denomination in U.S. money history (not counting this novelty bill) when his likeness was placed on the $5000 bill.

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