Founding Fathers on Money Omnibus

Coin Light of LibertyAfter a well deserved earned needed week off, we are back live! (and in person, for what that’s worth). For starters, I’ve updated, corrected or completed several  most all of the Founding Fathers on Money posts which were featured this month so here they all are in one convenient place:

  • To relish Part I: Cash Money Edition click here.
  • For Part II: Mr. Madison’s Money go here.
  • Part III: Two dollar bill, ya’ll can be experienced here.
  • Part IV: Silver Nickle Edition is here.
  • Part V: E pluribus unum is contained in all its awesomeness here.
  • Part VI: In God We Trust can be witnessed here.

Please send your comments, corrections, and accolades (go here for the address) or at least leave a comment at the end of your favorite post!

Photo by milleniumistic

2 Responses to Founding Fathers on Money Omnibus

  1. […] Fathers and Money Pt V: E Pluribus unum Welcome to part V in a series on Founding Fathers on Money. Today we examine the latin phrase E pluribus unum that has appeared on U.S. coins since […]

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