TJ’s Garden: Native Columbine

June 28, 2010

Mr. Jefferson’s observant son-in-law spotted this plant at Monticello in 1791.

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Weekend Poll: Name TJ’s Next Grandson

February 6, 2010

TJ named his grandchildren after himself, BFF James Madison, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, personal secretary and explorer Meriwether Lewis, and law mentor George Wythe.

Who would he name one after next?

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Virginia’s 71st Governor Sworn In

January 18, 2010
Bob McDonald, Virginia's 71st Governor

Bob McDonell, Virginia's 71st Governor

Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell was sworn in as the 71st Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia on Saturday.

A former Attorney General and Lieutenent Colonel in the United States Army, Governor McDonnell replaced former Governor Tim Kaine after soundly thrashing Democratic opponent Craig Deeds in November.

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Poplar Forest in the Press

May 16, 2009

pursuit-of-happiness-2009Poplar Forest is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Jefferson’s retirement and his first stay at his low-key retreat. They have put quite a bit of effort in restoring it and the press has taken notice.

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Jeffersonia Blog: Weekend Trivia Edition

March 7, 2009

Which grandchild of Thomas Jefferson is pictured on a former American currency?

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Meet the Grandkids

March 4, 2009

anneThomas Jefferson had a total of twelve grandchildren to survive to adulthood. Eleven of the twelve were born to Jefferson’s eldest daughter, Martha, and Thomas Mann Randolph Jr. who served as Governor of Virginia from 1819 to 1822. Martha’s younger sister, Maria, gave birth to her only surving child, Francis Eppes, in 1801.

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Who was the first child born in the White House?

March 2, 2009 was the first child born in the White House?

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