TJ & Architecture Pt. I

October 15, 2008

TJ was a prolific architect, though it was merely one of his many hobbies he passionately explored during his lifetime. Here are a couple of great resources I found which testify to his natural skill as an artist.

Historic American Buildings Survey of Monticello.  32 architectural drawings of TJ’s “little mountain”. Click here.

The Massachusetts Historical Society’s electronic archive of Thomas Jefferson architectural drawings. Click here.  Lots of drawings all by TJ’s hand. Many of the usual subjects (Monticello, Shadwell, Tufton, Edghill, Poplar Forest) and many that are not. Definately worth checking out.

The Monticello virtual tour over at Click here.

A nice bibliography of TJ and the arts, including one of my favorite, Jefferson and Monticello:Biography of a Builder by Jack McLaughlin. Go here.

Photo courtesy of seier+seier+seier

TJ-centric Historical Places in Virginia Pt. 1

August 29, 2008

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