TJ in the News

June 3, 2009
Not a Poplar Forest Poplar Tree

Not a Poplar Forest Poplar Tree

As Poplar Forest basks in the glory of its recent restoration (click here to read more about it), and sister-site Monticello rejoices in the new Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center, the press (the Associated Press to be exact) is still taking notice.

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Around Jefferson Country: Memorial Day Edition

May 20, 2009’s what’s happening in Jefferson Country heading into Memorial Day 2009:

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Poplar Forest in the Press

May 16, 2009

pursuit-of-happiness-2009Poplar Forest is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Jefferson’s retirement and his first stay at his low-key retreat. They have put quite a bit of effort in restoring it and the press has taken notice.

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TJB Weekend Edition: TJ’s Backyard

May 16, 2009

Things are in full swing at the former homes of our third President. Here are some events to check out this weekend:

  • Saturday, May 16th –Monticello is extending its hours till 7 pm in honor of graduation. They are also hosting an edible plant walk through the Monticello Vegetable Garden. Click here for details.
  • And don’t forget to visit Poplar Forest for the slide show talk on Palladio and the accompanying tour. Click here for details.

Source: Monticello, Poplar Forest

Palladio at Poplar Forest

April 6, 2009

Pop_ForestNot to be outdone by the new Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center grand opening, Monticello’s sister-site, Poplar Forest (perhaps the equivalent of TJ’s house in the Hamptons, or his summer home down the Shore), is hosting a very cool one day symposium. Read the rest of this entry »

This Chair Feels Awfully Campeachy!

November 13, 2008

CampeachySome people retire to a rocking chair when they get older. Thomas Jefferson retired to his Campeachy Chair. Also known as a Siesta Chair, among other names, the New Orleans Campeachy Chair which Jefferson sought for over ten years to acquire in the early 1800s, dates back to ancient Egypt. The name “campeachy” comes from Campeche, Mexico where wood commonly used in the making of the chairs grew. John Hemmings made at least one of the chairs for Jefferson. Read the rest of this entry »

Madison For Resident

September 12, 2008

The latest issue of the Hook (a local free paper in Charlottesville, VA) has a cover story on the painstaking renovation work being done on Montpelier, James and Dolly Madison’s “little Monticello”. Its called “Madison for Resident” and its worth checking out.

A lot of loving care goes into a restoration project of this magnitude. It often takes years to figure out how they built it let alone learn the skills to do it. People with a lot of dedication put in a lot of years to get it as accurate as possible. Poplar Forest (Jefferson’s vacation home) is going under a similiar process (go here to read about it).

To read the article and see lots of pics, go here.

Don’t miss Herb Barger’s comments at the bottom of the online page involving a very controversial Jefferson-related topic. (Mr. Barger has a website (who doesn’t!?!) regarding this controversial topic. Go here to visit.)