TJ-centric Historical Places in Virginia Pt. 1

An NHL (not to be confused with professional hockey here in the states) – or National Historic Landmark is basically a place the US Government deems to have, well, historic value. Besides a plaque (you know there’s got to be a plaque), the sites probably get help fending off protesters, grafiti artists, and the like, and with picking up trash.

Virginia currently has 46 (as comparison New York has over 250). Eight of these were either built, owned, designed, or lived in by Thomas Jefferson. They include:

The Rotunda at UVA
UVA Historic District
Tuckahoe Plantation
Poplar Forest
Natural Bridge
Bremo Historic District
James Semple House

An additional 4 sites are TJ-related:

Dolly Madison’s home
George Wythe’s home
Shack Mountain

For more info, click on the links below.


– James Madison’s “lesser Monticello” which currently hosts weekend horse races and annual fiber festivals. It is currently being renovated.

Dolly Madison’s childhood home (Scotchtown)

– Mrs. Madison served as TJ’s 1st Lady during parts of his Presidency. Apparently she classed up the place quite a bit.

George Wythe’s house

– Jefferson’s law mentor and second father of whom Jefferson wrote “my ancient master, my earliest and best friend”

Shack Mountain

– home of Fiske Kimball, author of Thomas Jefferson, Architect

In September, inspired by Monticello’s “good neighbor discount”, I will attempt to visit as many of these sites as I can. I hope to bring back some deep insights, entertaining anecdotes, or at least a couple of photos to post.

4 Responses to TJ-centric Historical Places in Virginia Pt. 1

  1. Great blog, and thanks for including Scotchtown!

    However, calling Scotchtown Dolley Madison’s Childhood Home is may be stretching the facts a bit far. (I know this has appeared in print before, and we’re working to correct the public record!) Mrs. Madison did recall late in her life living at Scotchtown, but we have no evidence that her family owned the house, and her time there would have been limited to a few months around the age of 3 or 4. More likely the Payne family, and daugher Dolley, stayed with Patrick Henry and his family, who were kin, while looking for a home in Hanover County. Patrick Henry owned Scotchtown from 1771-1778, and it is his residency we highlight today at the house.

    Catherine Dean, Curator of Collections
    APVA Preservation Virginia
    (which owns and operates Scotchtown)

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