TJ and Paper Models Pt II

Original White HouseA while back we blogged about the Monticello paper model, which has become one of our most popular posts (click here to find it).

We’ve found some other paper models which we thought you might enjoy.

Click here for a paper violin, which might tug at TJ’s fiddle-playin’ heart strings.

Thomas Jefferson was a huge fan of the 12 days of Christmas, with a focus less on gift giving (though he certainly enjoyed giving those) and more on understated decoration and quality time with friends and family. Click here for a simple Christmas Wreath.

To commemorate the Battles of Lexington and Concord, here is a whole series dedicated to it including the battlefield of Lexington, Mass., the Paul Revere house, and a scale model of a 6 lb. cannon!

Our 3rd President might also have enjoyed a model of the original White House. I don’t think the series is ready quite yet, but you can scope it out here.

My wish list of TJ-themed paper models would be: aTulip Poplar (tree), a Jefferson Bible, a model Declaration of Independence, a Lewis and Clark (maybe the two of them in a canoe), the original Monticello (before it was rebuilt into what we know it as today), Poplar Forest, the West lawn (at Monticello), and any of TJ’s favorite apples or apple trees…I think that’s a pretty good list for starters.

What would be on your paper model wish list? Let us know!

One Response to TJ and Paper Models Pt II

  1. Robert Anderson says:

    A paper model of Poplar forest can be found at

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