Father’s Day Gifts: Bobblehead Edition

Nothing says “Happy Fathers Day” like …a Thomas Jefferson bobblehead. Need we say more? (Just in case keep reading).

A company called Bobbleheads is offering bobbleheads of several Founding Fathers including the Architect from Albemarle himself, General Washington, Dr. Franklin, Mr. Madison, Sam and John Adams. They also offer T. Paine and John Hancock at their own website as well. (There is one other Founding Father featured, but as a loyal Jefferson man, I cannot bring myself to mention him here. If you must know who it is, click here).

Click here to view them at Amazon.com.

Click here to see them at Bobbleheads.com.

One Response to Father’s Day Gifts: Bobblehead Edition

  1. […] A Map of the Western Parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina (Yale University Library); Jefferson bobblehead; bottom: George Washington’s Choppers, 2012 by Annie Stromquist (photo-etching with […]

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