Washington, Poe Bring in the $$$

December 5, 2009

The AP reports that a letter written by George Washington to his nephew, Bushrod, (no, I’m not making that up – he was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court – Uncle George must’ve been proud!) has sold for over $3.2 million dollars (that’s over 640 Mr. Madisons!).

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EAP Honored in Square Naming

April 30, 2009
EAP's Room at UVA

EAP's Room at UVA

One of Mr. Jefferson‘s University’s most famous alumni is being honored by his home of Boston, Mass. with a square named in his honor. During his lifetime, Edgar Allen Poe‘s dislike for his hometown was such that he often lied about where he was from. Boston, for its part seems to be trying to strengthen the link, going so far as to naming the month of January E.A.P. month.

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UVA history for kids

October 3, 2008

Found a nifty little page over at Mr. Jefferson’s University’s website that has a history of the University for kids. Some of the hilights include Edgar Allen Poe, freshman; General Custer’s march on the Rotunda and subsequent 96 hour occupation; and the rescue of the big Jefferson statue by students in the fire of 1895!

Check it out here.