Washington, Poe Bring in the $$$

The AP reports that a letter written by George Washington to his nephew, Bushrod, (no, I’m not making that up – he was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court – Uncle George must’ve been proud!) has sold for over $3.2 million dollars (that’s over 640 Mr. Madisons!).

Written in 1787, the letter more than tripled the previous record for a Washington-penned inked letter and now stands as the most expensive letter ever auctioned by an American President.

UVA‘s most famous alumni ever to wax poetically about ravensEdgar Allen Poe, also earned a record for the highest auctioned 19th-century literary manuscript. The first eight verses of “For Annie” sold for over $830,000 (a mere 166 Mr. Madisons…).

Tamerlane and other Poems“, Poe’s first book, sold for over $660,000 (you can do the math on this one) making it the highest auction-earning book of 19th-century poetry.

All items were sold by Christie’s of New York, the David Falk of auction houses, which cited the manuscripts’ rarity as the reason they commanded the record-setting sums.

Source: AP (via Google)
Photo by urbanwoodchuck


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