Mr. Madison’s Money

5000dollarbillWhile Thomas Jefferson earned only a measly (though still-circulated) $2 bill, James Madison scored the third highest denomination in U.S. money history (not counting this novelty bill) when his likeness was placed on the $5000 bill.

Along with the four other high denomination bills, Mr. Madison’s $5000 had been around since 1861 and was issued in the current smaller dollar size in 1929. Printing of the five dinero grandes stopped in 1945. Circulation was discontinued by former President Richard Nixon in 1969, but the $5k had already long since disappeared from general use. It is estimated there are only about 200 left in existence.

The $100 bill remains the largest bill in circulation.

For another of Mr. Madison’s bills, click here.

Source: Wikipedia

2 Responses to Mr. Madison’s Money

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