TJ By a Nose: Jefferson is 3rd Fastest President (this year)

The Washington Nationals run a Presidents Race at every home game featuring life-size bobbleheads of four former U.S. Presidents racing one another including Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson himself!

From the Nationals website:

Tom Jefferson is more bookish than athletic. He is a reader, a studier. He is prone to distraction, once stopping mid-race to orate to the crowd. Before each race, Tom tests the atmospheric conditions in the stadium, the incline of the route and the length of the course…and sometimes ferments up a bottle of wine. He was often the last one picked on the colonial playground (but was always the first picked for the math team). Still, with dashing good looks, a keen mind and perhaps a bit of bravado, Tom often sprints his way to the front of the race.

Jefferson is 2nd all-time in the Presidents Race (though he is 3rd in the 2008 season). Teddy R., however, is winless in over 3 seasons. Guess he just can’t compete with Mr. Lincoln and the Founding Fathers.

Go here to read a blog about the race and Teddy R’s winless streak.

Apparently it has become quite a hit with the fans.


3 Responses to TJ By a Nose: Jefferson is 3rd Fastest President (this year)

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