Jefferson’s Busts: Pt. I

January 28, 2011

Jefferson considered one room in his beloved Monticello his “most honorable suite”. Why?

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Father’s Day Gifts: Bobblehead Edition

June 16, 2010

Nothing says “Happy Fathers Day” like …a Thomas Jefferson bobblehead. Need we say more? (Just in case keep reading).

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The First Prez Waaay Overdue, Yo!

April 19, 2010

If alive today, this heinous scandal overdue fine might topple our beloved 1st President from the ranks of popular first presidents…

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Washington, Poe Bring in the $$$

December 5, 2009

The AP reports that a letter written by George Washington to his nephew, Bushrod, (no, I’m not making that up – he was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court – Uncle George must’ve been proud!) has sold for over $3.2 million dollars (that’s over 640 Mr. Madisons!).

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Founding Father e-cards

May 13, 2009

Are you looking for a way to connect with an old friend? How ’bout that hottie at work who you are just too shy to approach in non-virtual reality?  Do you suffer from social networking anxiety, phobia, or even *gasp* total ignorance?? Hyper real

Do not fear! The Founding Fathers have come to the rescue once again!

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Color the President Contest

May 4, 2009

I'm a very good drawer

Welcome to the Jeffersonia Blog’s first ever coloring contest! Have your crayons at the ready…

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Who were the Founding Fathers?

February 18, 2009

founding fathersToday we examine a phrase that is thrown about a lot . But what exactly is a Founding Father? And more importantly, who are considered our country’s Founding Fathers?

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