Poll: Favorite TJ Nickname

January 24, 2011


Weekend Poll: Name TJ’s Next Grandson

February 6, 2010

TJ named his grandchildren after himself, BFF James Madison, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, personal secretary and explorer Meriwether Lewis, and law mentor George Wythe.

Who would he name one after next?

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Best President – Ever

February 23, 2009

Abe LincolnAbraham Lincoln was voted the best pound-for-pound President in U.S. history for the second time by a poll of 65 historians – days after his 200th birthday and 9 years after the original poll by C-Span.

Lincoln scored Top 3 in each of the ten categories including public persuasion, moral authority, and relations with Congress.

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Which is your favorite Founding Father author?

February 21, 2009

Weekend Poll #1

February 14, 2009