Places Named Jefferson: Collegiate Edition

tjulogoYou probably knew Thomas Jefferson had founded a University (that being the University of Virginia), but did you know that one was named after him?

Thomas Jefferson University and the affiliated Jefferson Medical College, Jefferson College of Graduate Studies, and Jefferson College of Health Professionals, (what is up with TJ and college hospitals?? The Med Center at UVA is one of the Top 100 Hospitals in the country. Jefferson was no stranger to medicine, but he was never a doctor – I just find this interesting…) which is located in Philadelphia, PA, became the fifth U.S. college in the 19th century to offer Med School and graduated its first class of MDs in 1826.

And while Mr. Jefferson‘s University has drawn the likes of everyone from Edgar Allen Poe, three Supreme Court Justices, countless politicians including numerous Governors and Senators, professional athletes,  explorer Richard Byrd, as well as Katie Couric and Tina Fey –Thomas Jefferson University has helped mold Isaac Newton Evans, Ninian Pinkney, and Edward Robinson Squibb (to be fair, I’m sure you would have heard of them 125 years ago).

At least both schools have in common the training of a heck of a lot of fine doctors, for sure.

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