John Adams Miniseries


I’ve been watching the much acclaimed HBO miniseries on John Adams starring Paul Giamatti on Netflix and it so far is totally deserving of the hype.

It begins by showing his character and his passion in defending
falsely accused British soldiers. His impartiality, which so angered the growing cause for independence by defending the British, draws him into the revolutionary cause.

The story then follows him to the first Continental Congress where the role of Ben Franklin really shines. Giamatti has some great back and forth with the anti-independence forces (notably from Pennsylvania). We also have our first TJ sighting of the movie!

After Independence is declared, Adams is sent to France to help Franklin. Here, he proves a fish out of water, as diplomcy is not his calling in life. He is eventually excused after stepping on many toes. Adams is gravely ill in Holland, failing to gain Dutch financial backing when he receives news that the War for Independence has ended.

I’m about half way through. The actors portraying Adams, Franklin and Abigail Adams (played by Giamatti, Laura Linney, and Tom Wilkinson respectively) each of whom won an Emmy for their role, are all outstanding.

You can See trailers at by clicking here.

View the HBO page for the miniseries (with lots of recap goodness) here.

Finally, the history channel offers several short clips on our 2nd president here.


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