The Jefferson Project

The Jefferson ProjectThe Jefferson Project (probably much less mysterious than the Dharma Initiative and probably much less sinister than the Millenium Group) is dedicated (according to their FAQ) to electronic manufacturing excellence through concurrent education.

Their mission statement states:


Their philosophy ties in with Thomas Jefferson obviously or we wouldn’t be covering them on this blog (and their choice of name would be a little odd). They haven’t updated their site in awhile so they may now be defunct (not unlike the Dharma Initiative). In October 2005 they took a pilgrimage to the Virginia Founding Fathers Big 4 (which we recently blogged about here) plus Mr. Jefferson’s University and topped it off at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. (I refer to this as the “A” tour. The “B” tour might include Tuckahoe, Edgehill, Shadwell, and Natural Bridge).

You can read about it here. They also took pictures which you can see here.

Their website has a nice list of TJ resoucres which you can view here.

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