The Jeffersonia Blog: UVA Weekend Edition

This weekend we check in with what’s happening!! at Mr. Jefferson’s University. [Warning: 1970s pop culture reference alert!] Hey, hey, hey!

First up, Mr. Jefferson’s University’s Medical Center (or UVa Medical Center) was named a Top 100 Hospital in the country, according to UVA Today. The Med Center scored in the category of Major Teaching Hospitals. To gawk in admiration at their accomplishment go here. (Note: Mr. Jefferson’s Daughter’s Hospital did not make the list.)

In architectural related news, the University is the recipient of a large vaguely octopus-like piece of art by the inventor of the mobile. It was installed recently in front of Peabody Hall. To gawk in admiration of the sculpture click here.

“The Civility Project: Where George Washington Meets the 21st Century” was the title of a talk delivered at the Dome Room of the famous Rotunda at UVa last month. For more info go here.

UVA will feature an exhibit on one of its most famous alumni, Edgar Allen Poe. Part of the purpose behind the exhibit is to clear up many of the negative misconceptions regarding Poe’s life based on the hatchetjob obituary written by Rufus Griswold, Poe’s literary executor who had an axe to grind. Check it out here.

Former Virginia Senator John Warner is donating the sale of a bunch of his old stuff to benefit UVA Law School. Just think what the sale of former practicing lawyer Thomas Jefferson’s stuff would bring in! Details here.

Over 100 Jefferson Scholars are rumored to invade Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend. At stake is a free ride to UVA for approximately 30 of them. The Wahoo wanabees hopefuls will battle compete against each other in gladiatorial combat essays and math exams for the opportunity to graduate from Mr. Jefferson’s University. Go here for all the gory exciting details.

Sources: UVAToday; Daily Progress;1070Radio


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  1. […] Professionals, (what is up with TJ and college hospitals?? The Med Center at UVA is one of the Top 100 Hospitals in the country. Jefferson was no stranger to medicine, but he was never a doctor – I just […]

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