America’s Original Party of Five Pt. I

June 30, 2010

We all know who shouldered the bulk of writing the Declaration of Independence (click here for a hint), but can you name the other 4 members who made up the original 13 States’ Party of Five?

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Students at Mr. Jefferson’s U. Show Their Quality*

February 27, 2009

Honor SystemThe student body of the University of Virginia voted overwhelmingly against a referendum to radically change the school’s honor code. The change was shot down by a margin of two-to-one.

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Virginia Statute on Religious Freedom

January 5, 2009


The Virginia Statute on Religious Freedom

An Act for establishing religious Freedom.

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TJ on Banking – The Tweaked Email Edition

December 12, 2008 is calling shenanigans on an email being circulated regarding some harsh words TJ allegedly wrote on banking.  Snopes specifically calls out the following words as bogus:

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TJ’s Legacy of Words, Pt. II

November 21, 2008

graveJefferson‘s last words were:

“Is it the Fourth? I resign my spirit to God, my daughter, and my country.”


Source: Constitution Facts
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The Declaration of Independence Unplugged Pt. I

November 12, 2008 drafting his version of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson sought out feedback from, among others, Benjamin Franklin. Jefferson was a tactician, and probably realizing his original draft would not be universally accepted as is (as the Founding Fathers were not known to agree on a whole lot of topics), I think he conceded the fewest changes in order to get the heart of his document across.

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The United States Declaration of Independence

November 10, 2008

declarationFor the full text, see below.

For an ‘antique” looking replica, go here.

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