TJB: The Best of April 2009

May 6, 2009

April was another tremendous month for The Jeffersonia Blog. We broke our all-time attendence record for visitors in a single month (reached in March of this year!).

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Jeffersonia Blog: Best of March

April 1, 2009


March was quite a month here at the Jeffersonia Blog. This month was all about the Benjamins, Washingtons, Lincolns, and, of course, Jeffersons. We even had some Madisons (and a Randolph, if you can believe it)!

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Jeffersonia Blog’s Best of 2008 Pt. II – The Top 20

January 4, 2009

Welcome back to our very understated, tasteful, and – dare I say – composed glance back at Thomas Jefferson in 2008 through the eyes of the Jeffersonia Blog.

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Jeffersonia Blog’s Best of 2008 Pt. I: We read you; we really read you!

January 3, 2009

While we’re taking a look back at our first year, let’s look at some of the feedback and comments we received in 08:

  • Scotchtown Ladies sing this song, doo-da doo-da: We heard from Catherine Dean, Curator of Collections for APVA Preservation Virginia, who helped correct a historical misconception about Scotchtown – the alledged childhood home of Mrs. James Madison. Click here to read her comments.
  • He’ll do most anything, but he won’t do that!: Steve, a Jeffersonia Blog reader, helped correct a post we did on TJ-channeler extraordinaire, Mr. Clay Jenkinson. Click here and scroll down to the comments to read what Steve had to say.
  • Umm, this is starting to get a little serious: Finally, the Jeffersonia Blog flirted with true blog-legitimacy when TJ biographical author Jack McLaughlin noticed our post about one of our fave TJ books and dropped a comment about his latest joint book. Click here to read the wow-inducing goodness.

Check in tomorrow when we look at our top posts of the year…

Jeffersonia: October’s Best

November 3, 2008

October was a great month here at Jeffersonia. We expreienced the first frost of the year here, the leaves begun dropping and we reached the modest milestone of welcoming our 750th guest! Here is a roll call of October’s best posts (IMHO):

  • Pt. I of our series on Jefferson and Architecture. Click here.
  • Rachel Levy at Monticello. Go here.
  • Esopus Spitzenburg – Apple of the month! Click here.
  • Madison is winning Founding Fathers Football. Go here.
  • The 113th Anniversary of the UVA Rotunda fire. Click here.
  • And last, but hardly least, I give you the cheapest war in American History. Go here for the frugal wartime goodness.

Photos used via Creative Commons License (c) Saquan Stimpson, cliff1066foodista, and seier+seier+seier

Jeffersonia: The Best of September

October 5, 2008

Here is a roll call of the best of Jeffersonia for the month of September.

  • Historic Scotchtowne disputes the legend of being Dolly Madison’s birth home. Click here
  • TJ Apple of the Month: the Mighty Albemarle Pippin! Click here
  • America’s first ice cream recipe. Go here
  • Thomas Jefferson the comic book! Go here
  • James Madison’s ‘little Monticello” gets a Monticello-like renovation. Click here
  • John Adams wins an Emmy! Click here
  • TJ is 3rd fastest President! Go here
  • Clay Jenkinson is TJ on the Thomas Jefferson Hour. Go here Read the rest of this entry »