Mr. Jefferson’s University Prof wades in on Twain Controversy

New censored editions of two famous works by Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass’s more famous alter-ego to be published in February. This is a travesty course of action in which one UVA professor cannot abide…

University of Virginia Professor of Ingles Stephen Railton refuses to board the bandwagon which seeks to eliminate the use of the n-word in the two most famous novels of Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

The n-word appears just 4 times in the former, and upwards of 200+ times in the latter (slightly less than your average rap CD). Though he says it is understandable people would want to remove such an offensive word from these American Classics, he makes a sound point that the move would still not eliminate the bigger issue – how black people are portrayed in the books. 

And if Professor Railton by some quirk of fate finds his way to this blog to join our couple 0r 3 regular readers, I hope he finds fault only with our grammar and not the spirit of the post!

Click here to read the full article [Note: you’re welcome to go there, but I’ve pretty much copied covered the gist of it].

Source: NBC29

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