TJ and Comics Pt. II

Would Mr. Jefferson have enjoyed the high literary experience of comic books? If they were in Ancient Greek or Latin perhaps. Nonetheless, enjoy some TJ-related comics, webcomics, and graphic novels (or at least the links to them) below…

Historical Webcomics
If you were thinking to yourself there just aren’t enough webcomics set in Revolutionary Times well consider youreself lucky and click here to read The Dreamer. Also click here to read an interview with the the Dreamer’s creator.

Chester Comics

Chester Comics produces a slew of historical comics in graphic novel format. They have a fun website with lots of info on upcoming books and the like (my fave is their page on famous home-schoolers) and also a historically-themed blog (click here to visit). [Homeschooler’s note – they even include a teacher’s guide in a free PDF file for at least some of the titles! I’ve included the link where there is one].

Here are some of their most TJrelated titles:

  • Lewis and Clark – Mr. Jefferson’s personally commissioned explorers of course deserve to have their story told in sequential art.
  • Virginia Geography – The commonwealth which spawned 4 of the first 5 Presidents of the United States needs no explanation. Click here for the Teacher’s Guide.
  • Founding Fathers
  • The TJ Biography
  • American Revolution

Here are some TJ Biographies in Graphic Novel format:

And let’s not forget Mr. Madison’s Constitution

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