The First Prez Waaay Overdue, Yo!

If alive today, this heinous scandal overdue fine might topple our beloved 1st President from the ranks of popular first presidents…

In a move to gain free publicity/ threaten future non-returners/ perpetrate yet another leftist attack on our Founding Fathers to enlighten the borrowing public,  New York Society Library reports that on November 2, 1789 P.I. (pre-Interweb), President George Washington owed them two books – Law of Nations and an unidentified flying object book on debates from Britain’s House of Commons.

The library does not seek financial restitution, only to discredit the former First President but foolishly hopes for the return of books.

Two other famous happenings on November 2nd: President Truman defeated Dewey in 1948 and MLK Day becomes a Federal Holiday…

Source: FoxNews
Library of Celsus photo by Rui Ornelas

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