Around Jefferson Country: Memorial Day Edition’s what’s happening in Jefferson Country heading into Memorial Day 2009:

  • This week famed TJ-impressario impersonator Clay Jenkison talks Symposiums (this one by the Lewis & Clark Fort Mandan Foundation) Click here for more
  • Ongoing tours at Tuckahoe Plantation see here for details
  • May 20th – The Jefferson Library hosts a talk on Ben Franklin
  • May 23rd – Lynne Richmond Memorial Day Lecture at Tufton Farm
  • May 23rd – Center for Historic Plants open house
  • Monticello Signature Tours throughout the summer. Click here for times and tickets.
  • May 27th – Jefferson Library hosts talk on Slavery (email them to register). Go here.
  • May 30th – Monticello hosts a talk on orchids of Virginia at the new Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center
  • May 30th – Poplar Forest is holding a fence building event. Its unclear whether this is a Tom Sawyer-inspired attempt to get visitors to actually build it for them, but renovation at P.F. is about done. Should be worth checking out

Photo by theakshay

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