TJ’s VA with CJ

Odyessy_Tours_300One of the best known Thomas Jefferson impersonators, Clay Jenkinson, host of the Jefferson Hour podcast, is hosting a jaunt through Mr. Jefferson country in the fall of 09.

The seven day trek will incorporate much of the “A” and “B” Tour destinations including Monticello, Poplar Forest, Tuckahoe Plantation, UVA, Natural Bridge, the Jefferson Memorial, Ash-Lawn Highland, Montpelier, as well as a few unique stops such as the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, The Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, and dinner at the Founding Farmer’s Restaurant in Washington, DC.

If you enjoy history and travelling through Jefferson Country, this sounds like a really neat opportunity.

For more info, as well as a more detailed itinerary, click here.

For info about the Mr. Jenkinson-led Lewis and Clark tour, go here.

Click here to read a review of the Founding Farmers restaurant in the Washington Post.

As usual, if it is within any of our readers’ means and will to attend this unique tour, please let us know about it!

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