Poplar Forest in the Press

pursuit-of-happiness-2009Poplar Forest is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Jefferson’s retirement and his first stay at his low-key retreat. They have put quite a bit of effort in restoring it and the press has taken notice.

  • First, do not forget to check out the Palladio talk and tour today. Click here to find out about it.
  • Click here for an article from the Roanoke Times
  • Click here to read the Washington Post take on P.F.’s restoration.
  • Click here for the AP press article on the doings at P.F.

If you can’t make it out to visit, you can always check out the Gift Shop, which has some interesting items. I have my eye on the Jefferson Family Silhouettes, which feature TJ and the 3 Grandchildren who probably spent the most time there (including Francis who inherited Poplar Forest from his Grandfather). Click here to peruse the goods (scroll to the bottom for the silhouettes).

One Response to Poplar Forest in the Press

  1. […] Poplar Forest basks in the glory of its recent restoration (click here to read more about it), and sister-site Monticello rejoices in the new Thomas Jefferson Visitor […]

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