Ex-UVA Alum Zimmerman’s Got Hits

http://www.flickr.com/photos/bootbearwdc/One of Mr. Jefferson’s University(that’s the University of Virginia for those not paying attention)’s not-yet-famous, but certainly well-known alumni is causing a bit of buzz in the professional sports world with a streak that is heating up.

Ryan Zimmerman was an all-american baseball player for the Cavaliers, drafted in 2005 by the Washington Nationals, the home of the infamous Presidents Race, which pits the bobbleheaded-likenesses of four past Presidents (including TJ!) in various and sundry races (hence, the very informative name). For the record, Mr. Jefferson is in 2nd place with four Ws. Click here to see the standings.

Anywho, Ryan Zimmerman is currently chasing Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game consecutive games hit streak. “The Streak”  began 68 years, 2 days ago. Zimmerman’s  began 30 games ago, tying him for longest hit streak by a 3rd baseman, and putting him within striking distance of one of baseball’s most coveted records.

The run has been one of the few bright spots for the Nationals this year, whose chances of winning it all seem about as good as Teddy R.’s. 

Source: Baseball Almanac 1,2; Let Teddy Win
Photo by dbking


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