Founding Father e-cards

Are you looking for a way to connect with an old friend? How ’bout that hottie at work who you are just too shy to approach in non-virtual reality?  Do you suffer from social networking anxiety, phobia, or even *gasp* total ignorance?? Hyper real

Do not fear! The Founding Fathers have come to the rescue once again!

I came across Founding Fathers e-cards and I must say the idea is quite brilliant. You can send an Alexander Hamilton to your favorite adversary, or a James Madison to your BFF, or a Declaration of Independence card to your sweetheart.

There are also e-postage stamps to attach to your e-cards which are strong with Jeffersonian flavor: choose a one and two-cent Jefferson profile; a four cent TJ quote, a twenty two cent Declaration of Independence or a thirty four cent JMad. And if I’m not mistaken, they are hyperreal simulacrum replicas of actual U.S. stamps.

Click here to view the e-cards at the Founding Fathers website

That crazy internet! First ninja doctors – now this…what will they think up next??

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