TJB: The Best of April 2009

April was another tremendous month for The Jeffersonia Blog. We broke our all-time attendence record for visitors in a single month (reached in March of this year!).

  • In April we celebrated the 266th and 251st birthday of Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.
  • We welcomed (though not in person, yet) the new Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center at Monticello. Click here to see a trailer for the new film on Thomas Jefferson. Click here to see a preview of the Griffin Discovery Center (which is part of the Visitor Center complex).

I ‘m not one to brag at every opportunity about this blog, but we did receive an invitation to attend a press-only preview of the Visitor Center before it opened (which unfortunately we were unable to attend – Jobs and stuff, you know). A hearty thank you to Erin Skinner for the invititation.

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate being recognized as a legitimate credible reasonable source of propoganda information by the good folks at Monticello. All I can say is …too legit to quit, baby! woohoo!


  • In our ongoing Places named TJ/Jefferson series, we looked at that other Jefferson institution of higher learning, Thomas Jefferson University. Click here to enroll read all about it.
  • TJ himself was spotted on his University’s campus. Click here to see the astounding photographic evidence.
  • Jefferson’s architectural muse, Palladio, was the topic of dinner conversation over at Poplar Forest. Click here to hear about it (and while you’re at it, please pass the salt).
  • Part IV of TJ’s favorite apples can be enjoyed here.
  • And last but not least, I finally began the much-hyped John Adams miniseries – the verdict? So far, its worth the hype. Mini-review here.

Coming in May: Color the Pres contest, Vitruvian Man, and the famous Trumbull painting of the Declaration of Independence….


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