Color the President Contest

I'm a very good drawer

Welcome to the Jeffersonia Blog’s first ever coloring contest! Have your crayons at the ready…

I came across some coloring pages of Presidents recently and thought it would be fun to see if we have any aspiring artists out there.

Here’s the deal:

* Color, sketch, paint or draw one of the 1st four Presidents of these United Colonies States – that would include, but be limited to, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. However, I might also accept drawings of a Signer of the Declaration of Independence or a ratifier of the Constitution (for suggestions on either, click here).

* Send me a scan or screen shot of your artwork and I will post them on Mondays.

*At the end of the month I will post the best and hold a vote (if we get enough entries).

Got it? Good!

Remember, this is just for fun as Crayola refused to sponsor such a silly contest (I’m joking! Crayola Corp. was never approached!)

Here are a couple of links if your art skills are basically limited to coloring with crayons:

Apples for the Teacher printouts are here.

Printouts from The Color are here.

Printouts from Crayola are here.

Mr. Jefferson coloring pages are here and here.

Have fun with it!

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  1. […] For some links to printable Presidential coloring pages, click here. […]

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