What Would TJ Study: Tough Economy Edition

ttc_logoNot too long ago we blogged about the excellent courses offered by the Teaching Company (click here to read about it) for aspiring polymaths and Renaissance ladies and gentlemen out there. Well, they are having some major sales right now that are worth checking out.

I have listened to a number of the series and overall they are awesome. I have listened to probably a dozen courses and most I’ve really liked. (Disclosure: I receive no compensation in any form from the Teaching Company – I just think they offer some great products. If they’d like to change that, however, they can contact me….)

They are offering some ridiculous discounts right now. If you were thinking of doing some college level learning without having to register, sit in class (or earn any credit), now is a pretty good time to dip your toe in the polymathmatic (polymath-ish? polymatheric??) waters.

Here are some that might interest you:

How to Listen to Great Music $500 off the DVD set and $400 off the CDs

History of the United States 2nd Edition Almost $600 off the DVDs and $400 on the CDs

History of European Art Almost $400 off the DVDs

They also have sets (usually two courses packaging together) which are often even better deals:

Classics of American Literature and Great Authors of Western Literary Tradition 2nd Ed. Over $1,000 off the DVDs and nearly $800 off the CDs!

Foundations of Western Civilization & History of Ancient Rome About $800 of the DVDs and $600 off the CDs

The Joy of Mathmatics and Calculus Made Clear
Almost $400 off DVDs

For anywhere from $20 to $200 (though some certainly can cost more), you can most likely find a college level course on a topic that really interests you. A pretty small investment for a great value. Still, like any investment, there is a bit of a risk. What if you don’t enjoy the topic as much as you thought? Or what if you find the professor is boring?

They do offer reviews from buyers on each set. With a little research, you can wade through the many offerings to find what it is your looking for. I nearly purchased one set until, after reading one review, I realized it would not be “for dummies” introduction I was looking for, but a much too detailed (for me) lesson.

Another thing to remember is that the sales are always changing, so that great deal you find one week might not be there the next. They do seem to cycle around though, so a little patience may pay off.


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