Palladio at Poplar Forest

Pop_ForestNot to be outdone by the new Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center grand opening, Monticello’s sister-site, Poplar Forest (perhaps the equivalent of TJ’s house in the Hamptons, or his summer home down the Shore), is hosting a very cool one day symposium.

On April 25th, the famous Italian architect whom Jefferson drew great inspiration from (pun intended, thank you very much), Andrea Palladio will be the subject of much discussion over at Lynchburg College. They will be bringing in experts in architectural history and restoration, as well as professors of art and mathematics – an eclectic mix the Architect from Albemarle himself might appreciate.

You can then tour Poplar Forest after the talks, including the still-being-restored house, grounds and wing.

For more info and to register early go here.

To view the full schedule click here.

Source: Poplar Forest

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