JeffersonToday Website is a new website by the good folks of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, current proprietors of Monticello. The website is called JeffersonToday.

The main theme seems to be an examination of Jefferson’s ideals in today’s world. There are articles on such inflammatory issues as race and politics (including one by Annette Gordon-Reed, author of the 2008 National Book Award Winner, The Hemmings of Monticello which we reported about here.). It looks like you can comment in these sections and add your 5 cents.

There is also a blog, a section on quotesgrouped by topic – which is quite handy), and my favorite part – a list of things named after TJ. Awards, Buildings, Species, Counties, Monuments, etc. It doesn’t seem quite complete (they do not, for example, list the 25 counties, 1 parish, 1 state capital, and 1 city named after Jefferson). They could have a lot more fun with this – maybe they will flesh it out over time.

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