Jeffersonia Blog’s Best of 2008 Pt. I: We read you; we really read you!

While we’re taking a look back at our first year, let’s look at some of the feedback and comments we received in 08:

  • Scotchtown Ladies sing this song, doo-da doo-da: We heard from Catherine Dean, Curator of Collections for APVA Preservation Virginia, who helped correct a historical misconception about Scotchtown – the alledged childhood home of Mrs. James Madison. Click here to read her comments.
  • He’ll do most anything, but he won’t do that!: Steve, a Jeffersonia Blog reader, helped correct a post we did on TJ-channeler extraordinaire, Mr. Clay Jenkinson. Click here and scroll down to the comments to read what Steve had to say.
  • Umm, this is starting to get a little serious: Finally, the Jeffersonia Blog flirted with true blog-legitimacy when TJ biographical author Jack McLaughlin noticed our post about one of our fave TJ books and dropped a comment about his latest joint book. Click here to read the wow-inducing goodness.

Check in tomorrow when we look at our top posts of the year…


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