A Comment from Jack McLaughlin

December 11, 2008

Bio of a BuilderWe here at the Jeffersonia Blog were stoked to hear from Mr. Jack McLaughlin, the author of one of my favorite TJ books – Jefferson and Monticello: Biography of a Builder.

 Mr. McLaughlin wrote in to let us know he has written a new book, “Williamsburg, Virgina on the Eve of Revolution”. 

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TJ Apple of the Month: Virginia Crab

December 10, 2008
Common crabapples

Common crabapples

{This is the third post in a series on Thomas Jefferson’s favorite foods. For part I click here. For part II, click here.}

Jefferson was a genius in most everything he did, but he was inherently a practical one. His studies informed his practice of law early in his career; his knowledge of botany came into practice in the gardens of Monticello; his appreciation of architecture (namely Palladio) manifested into Monticello, Poplar Forest, and several other buildings; his love of European art adorned the walls of his home; the French cuisine he feasted upon came back with him and its recipes introduced to a young America; his passion for math meant his calculations for the construction of Monticello was to the 6th or 7th decimal point!

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Jefferson overtakes Madison!

December 9, 2008

http://www.flickr.com/photos/pkeleher/Welcome back to all! After an extended Thanksgiving break, the Jeffersonia Blog has returned!

As we near the end of the season in Founding Fathers Football, there is some exciting news. Thomas Jefferson has overtaken Madison and finally cracks the Top 50! West Monroe now takes over first place with a commanding lead, followed by Hamilton. TJ is in third place, while Madison slips all the way back to 4th. Independence rounds out the Top 5.

In the Christian version of FFF, St. Thomas Aquinas, currently ranked first in the Nation, leads the way, followed closely by St. Ignatius.  St. Bonaventure is a distant third, with Trinity (of KY) and Godby (of FL) rounding out the Top 5.

Source: HighschoolRivals
Photo by Paul Keleher