Jefferson State Champ! Madison not so much to Founding Fathers Football’s Christmas Edition!!

Today we announce the 2008 winner…

While Independence fell out of the Top 100 entirely last week, Thomas Jefferson High School did its namesake proud winning the Pennsylvania division 3A state title.

Even though Hamilton was ranked higher, there’s no way Hamilton (the Founding Father) could ever beat TJ, so this year’s winner in Founding Fathers Football is Thomas Jefferson! Liberty and West Monroe are runnerups with poor Madison falling completely out of the Top 100.

In the Christian version of Founding Fathers Football, St. Thomas Aquinas is both our winner and the overall national highschool champs. St. Igantious, Trinity #1 (of TX), St. Bonaventure, and Trinity #2 (of KY) complete the Top 5.

In Civil War Football, its a sweep for the North as Union and Grant, both Top 20 nationally ranked teams, are the only Top 100 participants.

Source: HighschoolRivals
Photo by cliff1066

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  1. […] Report. It should be noted that this is not the same Thomas Jefferson High School which won our first annual edition of Founding Fathers Football. (Click here to read all about […]

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