A Comment from Jack McLaughlin

Bio of a BuilderWe here at the Jeffersonia Blog were stoked to hear from Mr. Jack McLaughlin, the author of one of my favorite TJ books – Jefferson and Monticello: Biography of a Builder.

 Mr. McLaughlin wrote in to let us know he has written a new book, “Williamsburg, Virgina on the Eve of Revolution”. 


Here’s a blurb from the website:

Visitors to Colonial Williamsburg will recognize the setting of this fictional history. Its action takes place in many of Williamburg’s exhibition buildings–the Capitol, Governor’s Palace, the Courthouse, and Raleigh Tavern. Also familiar are most of the historical characters in the background of the narrative: Washington, Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry and the Royal Governors Botetourt and Dunmore.

 Click here to read the first three chapters.

At the risk of sounding self-congratulatory, garnering the attention of a legitimate Jefferson biographer is a huge step in credibility for this blog!

Click here to check out our Contact page to read the comment.


In a related note, I recently scored the audio version of Jefferson and Monticello on eBay. Its on cassette as the CDs appear to be really scarce. The cassettes sell for $60+ on Amazon.


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