This Chair Feels Awfully Campeachy!

CampeachySome people retire to a rocking chair when they get older. Thomas Jefferson retired to his Campeachy Chair. Also known as a Siesta Chair, among other names, the New Orleans Campeachy Chair which Jefferson sought for over ten years to acquire in the early 1800s, dates back to ancient Egypt. The name “campeachy” comes from Campeche, Mexico where wood commonly used in the making of the chairs grew. John Hemmings made at least one of the chairs for Jefferson.

I sat in a replica in the currently-renovated Parlor at Poplar Forest. Click here to see it. I can understand the chair’s appeal. Sort of a spartan lazy boy, the Campeachy would allow you to nod off without necessarily giving the impression you were asleep. In the south facing Parlor, overlooking the tranquil sunken lawn, it was ideal for napping, reading, and contemplation.

If anyone would like to generously donate one, they are a mere $1450. Click here to order. (I think Burgundy would be the best color choice). Just email me to make arrangements. Thanks.

Source: Monticello Explorer

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